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Anastasia Cristaux

Energy cleansing ritual kit

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* Eucalyptus stick: brings new and refreshing energy to your life. Promotes positivity. * White Sauge Staff: Purifies and cleanses energies, attracts protection & luck, calms the mind * Palo Santo virtues stick: purifies and cleanses energies, attracts protection and luck, calms the mind * Selenite staff virtues: purifies energy & aura, clarifies the mind and develops intuition. * Nepalese incense cords virtues: purifies the body and all the chakras, brings strength and courage.

Brings good luck and fortune and protects from negative waves Hand crafted with the ancestral know-how of a community of Bhaktapur women.

These cords are made of 100% natural ingredients: sandalwood, dammar, nard, cinnamon, clove powders, rolled up in a sheet of Lokta paper.


• Made in France • Weight: 0.2 kg